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Do you know that your leather can get up to 2x more life if maintained properly? Washtog leather cleaning service can do that for you with perfection. We specialize in cleaning and renewing any leather type. Our experts will bring back both, shine and your smile. With advanced cleaning agent and polish, we do more than cleaning - protect leather against water damage and keep them polished for long with water repellent coating.

Do you know that your leather can get up to 2x more life if maintained properly? Washtog Leather cleaning service can do that for you with perfection.

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Leather Cleaning in Hyderabad

Leather are a part of our daily life. And almost everyone has atleast one leather product. But do we maintain them properly? To most, the maintenance is not even in their priorities. Leather can get up to 2x more life if maintained properly. Washtog Leather cleaning service in Hyderabad can do that for you.

We specialize in cleaning and renewing your leather products. Our experts will bring the shine back and your smile back. With advanced chemicals, we do more than just clean - protect leather against water damage and keep them polished for long.

Why should you take a leather cleaning service?

Leather are inevitable in everyone's life and this being an exclusive material we all have a strong connect. Leather gets their real beauty as it gets old but how many times do we think of replacing them as they start looking shabby? If you take better care of it, you would have longer life out of it. Proper cleaning and polishing can easily extend the life of any leather. This is why leather cleaning service makes sense.

What is leather cleaning?

Leather cleaning service refers to the deep cleaning of all the leather in a home and renewing them. The scope of service is not just limited to wallet, belt or bags but also applicable for sofas and jackets. Any leather surface, for example, leather sofas, bags can also be cleaned and polished. Even with shoes, the service is not limited to leather, Faux leather also are taken care of.

How does Washtog clean your leather?

Though the leather cleaning process is widely dependent on the material, we will give you a general outline of how we do it.
-Scrubbing the mud off mildly and vacuuming dry.
-Applying cleaning agent with soft scrubbing.
-Polish the leather with anti-repellent coat.

What other things do we clean?

Leather cleaning service includes cleaning of apparel and leather goods. The most common use case of this service are bags, suitcases and a variety of leather goods.

Washtog even works on upholstery. Be it any kind, inside the car or on the sofa. We take good care of the leather. The leather cleaning and polishing is the same as on the sofa upholstery cleaning service.

Why should you consider Washtog for leather and shoe cleaning in Hyderabad?

Washtog is simply best at what it does - dry cleaning and home cleaning services. We have all the skills and tools to get it done professionally in a short period of time.

The pricing is what makes Washtog stand out from the crowd. We charge a nominal price that is right for both the customer and the company and offer the fullest quality. Leather and shoe cleaning service is also designed with the same motive to satisfy the customer with our cleaning services.

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What Our Customers Say

Swati Mishra

Each cloth was professional packed to keep crease intact and came in a box which I liked the most. Very timely delivered. I'm using their services regularly now.

Kapil Bamne

Got my suit cleaned when I had to rush for a flight. The team arrived in no time and pickup done was smooth. I got my delivery in 6 hours and team kept me informed about the delivery schedule.

Prerna Reddy

It's now almost 2 years, WashTog is our first option when it comes to curtains dry cleaning. Now recently we have started giving them clothes and they are the best I would say.

Niharika Jaiswal

We utilized WashTog services at our Offices and Residence. The kind of professionalism is what defines them and helps us take their service without any hassles. Their quotations are clear with scope of work and they match highest standards meeting our demands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean bags and shoes at home?

No, bags and shoes are to be taken to our plant where our experts can process them with special care.

Do you also offer coloring of shoes and bags?

Yes, based on the condition and requirement we can suggest for coloring and is done professionally to retain the original look.

Do you provide services in the outskirts of Hyderabad?

Yes, however it purely depends on the type and scope of work. You can place a booking and our team can contact you within a moment and try to accomodate your booking.

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