Best Marble Polishing Service in Hyderabad

Have you noticed your Marble turning yellowish or dark? Washtog cleaning experts will bring back the colour of your marble using special grinding machines and deep cleaning agents. The use of advanced chemicals that are designed specifically for the type of marble coupled with our expertise in deep cleaning makes the difference. Furthermore, WashTog uses only and only Diversey® Nobile Powder for best and long lasting results.

Have you noticed your Marble turning yellowish or dark? Washtog cleaning experts will bring back the colour of your marble using special grinding machines and deep cleaning agents.

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Marble Polishing Service in Hyderabad

Have you ever noticed the yellowing on the floor? What about the blacks that accumulate between the marble? No matter what liquid you use on them, they refuse to get back to the original color. Let our professionals do it for you. You will see your floor cleaner than ever, be it any type of marble.

Yes, it is the use of advanced chemicals that are designed specifically for the marble coupled with our expertise in deep cleaning that makes the difference. Furthermore, we are very professional in handling all types of marble.

How to find best marble polishing service?

The floor is where most of our home cleaning effort goes. Day in and out, it is mopped. Yet does it stay as new through the years? Most of the cases the answer is no. Not because you didn’t clean enough. Because you didn’t have the resources too. the cleaning liquid advertised on TV to kill all of the microbes is not perfect always. An expert floor deep cleaner will do it.

What is marble polishing?

Marble polishing, by the name itself, is an intense cleaning process of the floor by professionals. Be it italian marble or white marble, our professional cleaners will bring back the original look. The tiny speck of dirt is inside the pores of marble, the blackening of some areas and everything else will be taken care of in our marble polishing and cleaning.

Are all marble polishing services the same?

Are you confused seeing those cheap marble polishing ads? They are just an extended scrubbing service that is going to clean your marble with a low grade powder which may show you same results then but it won't last for even a week. And then there are companies like Washtog, that offer marble polish using Diversey® Nobile powder which is best in industry and delivers long lasting results.

We have specialized cleaning solutions for every marble – Advanced tools like grinding machines from Taski and Buffing machines for that ever lasting smooth finishing.

The cleaning methodology itself differs with the type of floor. For example, the Italian marble floor is not treated the same way as white marble flooring. So not all cleaning services are the same.

What are the services that are part of the marble polishing cleaning service?

The process of marble polishing goes generally by this formula, • Application of appropriate chemicals and grinding pads to deep clean the marble at the pores level. • Then the floor is scrubbed as required using machines. • To remove the scrubbed remains and chemicals, an advanced dryer machine that takes in water is used. • Once the floor is dried, ardent stains are treated with powerful chemicals on specific parts alone.

How often should you call for marble polishing?

It totally depends on your taste. In our opinion, a marble polished floor would last around 5 years before noticeable yellowing or darkening starts. If you have found an unusual stain that does not go off, WashTog is just a call away to help with that particular portion alone.

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What Our Customers Say

Dona Mallik

I have availed this service recently. They provide excellent service at a very reasonable price and in my case, went out of their way to help us by providing the service even in late hours of the day. The people very modest and efficient. I would strongly recommend you to go with them and in future I'll continue to avail their service. Hope this helps anybody looking out for reliable services in this domain.

Amritha Kollipara

Availed sofa cleaning and washroom cleaning services today. They did a good job and added advantage is that they also used steam cleaning. Staff is courteous, specially srinivas.

April Nelson

I approached washdog for cleaning of my windows and upholstery which was done by Sreenivas and team. They did a fantastic job with cleaning window glasses to its channels and carpets too. I have already recommended your name in my office and hope they'd bother you soon. Good luck!

Ashish Kumar

Proficient team and cleaning well executed. 12, 13 and 14 were assigned for my 2bhk cleaning. I will recommend you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also clean parking tiles?

Yes, we have separate brushes to clean parking tiles with uneven surfaces. Please your booking and we can send the right set of equipment for cleaning.

What if the stains on floor won't go even after deep cleaning?

We put our best efforts to remove every stain, however at times old stains penetrate deep inside the stone and can't be removed. We charge for the professional chemicals used and efforts made to clean.

Do you provide services in the outskirts of Hyderabad?

Yes, however it purely depends on the type and scope of work. You can place a booking and our team can contact you within a moment and try to accomodate your booking.

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