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Never be the victim of an unhealthy sleep cycle which is most often caused by the uncleaned sleeping environment. Washtog cleans the floor, cupboards, windows, door, fan, lights and mattress as well. We have professional-grade deep vacuum cleaners and special cleaning agents that kills mites and becteria. Our experts disinfect and remove the odour to present you a safe and clean bedroom. The place where you spent one-third of your day deserves top-notch cleanliness and we at WashTog are committed to offer squeaky clean bedrooms.

Never be the victim of an unhealthy sleep cycle which is most often caused by the uncleaned sleeping environment. Washtog cleans bedroom floor, cupboards, windows, door, fan, lights and mattress as well.

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Professional Bedroom Cleaning in Hyderabad

Ever felt an odd odour in your bedroom? Do you still lack the freshness even after an 8-hour sleep? You might need cleaning. Surveys say unclean sleeping environment can be a reason for unhealthy sleep.

Don’t be a victim of the unclean bedroom and book Washtog for professional bedroom deep cleaning. After all, the place you spend one-third of every day deserves expert cleaning.

We at Washtog know what and how to clean your bedroom and get rid of the odour. We use chemicals that are good on odor and kills microbes. Our professional cleaning team is available anytime upon appointment.

How to spot the right bedroom deep cleaning service?

Bedrooms are the most important part of the home. There is where you will be spending a minimum of one-third of your everyday. You shouldn’t be dealing with unpleasant and unclean stuff there. Not just the mattress, the whole bedroom needs to be deep cleaned. There is where help form professionals like, Washtog come in.

What is bedroom deep cleaning?

Bedroom deep cleaning typically involves every element of the bedroom. Flooring, cupboards, mirrors and everything else. Professional cleaning service is the apt solution for getting your bedroom deep cleaned.

For bedrooms that house old age and patients, there is no better alternative than calling the cleaners. They get dirty the most and are easily affected due to the unclean environment too.

What can an unclean bedroom cause?

• Disturbed and inconsistent sleeping habit • Smelly wardrobe • Impure air leading to itching eye and other unpleasant feelings • Fungus on items stored in the cabinet due to moisture

What are the checkpoints of bedroom cleaning?

Make sure the professional bedroom cleaner lays their hand on these before leaving:

• Windows, doors, and mirrors • Lights, fans, and switchboards • Air Conditioner Indoor Unit • Cabinet cleaning (in and out) • Dry vacuum curtains and mattress

If you have a TV unit or other special structures inside the bedroom make sure they are included in the package.

How often should you call an expert to deep clean your bedroom?

If you are regular with maid service to carry out basic cleaning process of floor tiles and dusting, it must be okay to hire bedroom deep cleaners once in 6 – 9 months. It is recommended to book for a mattress deep clean and bathroom deep clean together in the same intervals.

The patient’s bedroom can adapt to a more frequent cleaning cycle of monthly or bi-monthly to maintain cleanliness standards.

There must be a lot of clothes and personal use of products in your bedroom cabinet. It is better to take them and store it somewhere else temporarily before the cleaners arrive.

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What Our Customers Say

Praveen Vyas

Excellent Service, would highly recommend them. 100% professional and sitting abroad i could relax and see the cleaning of my house getting completed without any hassles, rush, disrespect, etc challenges i faced last year with other company in Hyderabad. Harmeet and his team are best in the market.

Spandana Gautham

Perfect cleaning done. I hired washtog for cleaning of my bathrooms, kitchen and mattress cleaning. Bathrooms were done nicely and they removed all glass stains and hard water stains. Kitchen cleaning was hectic as they don't remove utensils from cabinets and we had to do that, but cleaning was done perfectly. Lastly mattress cleaning was done with 3 machines and lot of dirt came out from it although we believed it was clean only. I'm very much satisfied with their work and I'll recommend them to others.

Ravi Kabra

They are really professional and wouldn't shy away from re doing a task if you agree not fully satisfied ! Would surely recommend.

Vivekananda Varma

Great service! Very responsive and communicative. Got my office and an apartment cleaned and they did an amazing job. Surely using their service again. Highly recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also cover Cupboards cleaning from inside?

If your bedroom cupboards are vacant, it is included. However, if you have stuff inside, you can include inside cleaning as an add-on for a nominal price.

How do you clean the bedroom floor?

We use hand scrubbing machines for floor cleaning along with professional grade chemicals.

Do you provide services in the outskirts of Hyderabad?

Yes, however it purely depends on the type and scope of work. You can place a booking and our team can contact you within a moment and try to accomodate your booking.

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