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An unsafe kitchen is the source of an unhealthy life. So, get your kitchen deep cleaned from WashTog. Our experts know better what to use on what kind of stains and surfaces. Which is why we do not use the usual chemicals to clean the kitchen. Instead, we have special chemicals that are organic so that there is not even a possibility of food contamination. Plus, the package comes with accidental damage protection to keep your mind at peace.

An unsafe kitchen is the source of an unhealthy life. So, get your kitchen deep cleaned from WashTog. Our experts know better what to use on what kind of stains and surfaces.

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Kitchen Cleaning in Hyderabad

Everyone of us know how difficult it is to keep the kitchen clean. Even if you clean daily, you would notice sediments of black accumulation on the stove, around the chimney and on the wall tiles. While the kitchen cleaning liquid that you found last week at the supermarket failed to remove the stains, Washtog definitely won’t fail at it.

What is kitchen deep cleaning?

Anyone with the regular habit of cooking will clean the kitchen frequently. But not all kitchens that appear clean to eyes are truly clean. Cleaning platforms, wall tiles and everything else requires Kitchen Deep cleaning to restore the cleanliness.

Why kitchen deep cleaning is so important?

Food is one of the most vulnerable ways for microbes to get into your body. An unclean kitchen is a gateway to it. To keep your food safe and people unaffected you need to care about the kitchen cleanliness first.

If you think just the wall tile and chimney is dirty and who is going to touch it, you are wrong. Preparing food and having it stored in an unhealthy environment is by itself a risk. It could be the smelly inside of your refrigerator. It could even be the fungus in the corners of the utility area. So, call in a kitchen deep cleaner once every three months and keep your family safe.

What are the essentials of kitchen cleaning?

When it comes to deep cleaning, there must be nothing left untouched. Starting from the floor and wall tile, it must include cleaning of sink, faucet, kitchen platform, stove and chimney. Your kitchen appliances too need cleaning – refrigerator, Microwave Oven even the lights and switchboards. Shelves and cabinets need to be emptied and cleaned thoroughly. Stove, Chimney and wall tile around the cooking area needs special de-greasing treatment to get rid of the black sticky sediments. With Washtog kitchen cleaning service you can even choose to clean the inside of Refrigerators.

What is unique about Washtog’s kitchen cleaning service?

Washtog is a hospitality service provider that values cleanliness more than anything else. With kitchens, the importance is even more stressed. We have gone a step ahead and included only Organic chemicals to clean the kitchen. This way you get a clean kitchen without bothering about having odd odours or food contamination.

Hiring Washtog professionals means you can stay in peace. With organic cleaning solutions, professional tools and trained professionals, nothing can go wrong. Washtog also offers its deep cleaning service to commercial kitchens. For booking commercial kitchen cleaning appointments reach us directly.

What all is used for Kitchen Cleaning?

- Hand Scrubbing Machine, Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner/

- Organic and Bio-Degradable Chemicals and many cleaning equipments.

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Radha B Kasi

Professional, clean, eye for details and knows job well. Vicky and his team did a fab job. Wld use them regularly and recommend them.

Hetal Paurana

I have been getting home cleaning service from Wash Tog regularly.I would recommend their services as Hardik and his team ensures they understand clients needs and meets the expectations. Hetal

Praveen Shrivastava

The team worked hard on removing cement marks on new tiles and our carpenter spitted tobacco on balcony tiles that also was removed. I'm satisfied with the amount I paid n I'll recommend washtog for home cleaning services.

Jayanth Gade

service was good and very much satisfied. Staff were polite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remove items from the cabinets and trolleys?

Yes, in a occupied kitchen cleaning, we remove items from cabinets and trolleys to deep clean every nook and corner.

Is utensil cleaning also included in the package?

No, this package doesn't include utensil cleaning. However, we will soon introduce that as an add-on service to offer you 360 degree cleaning solutions.

Do you provide services in the outskirts of Hyderabad?

Yes, however it purely depends on the type and scope of work. You can place a booking and our team can contact you within a moment and try to accomodate your booking.

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