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Dust mites are proven to cause a lot of health issues over time. But don't worry, WashTog's professional cleaners will make it fresh as a flower. WashTog, the best mattress cleaners in Hyderabad offers wet and dry cleaning solutions with top notch cleaning standards using UV and Steam Sterilization. We come to your door-step with all the special equipment, clean the mattress and give you a sound sleep. Not just that, we have an accidental damage protection plan of INR 10,000 as part of the package.

Dust mites are proven to cause a lot of health issues over time. WashTog, the best mattress cleaners in Hyderabad offers wet and dry cleaning solutions with top notch cleaning standards using UV and Steam Sterilization.

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Mattress Deep Cleaning in Hyderabad

Your bedroom might look super clean but considering the mattress, where you spend 1/3 of your entire day is filled with millions of dust mites, bed bugs, mold, bacteria and viruses which are proven to cause a lot of health issues like Asthma, Eczema, Morning Fatigue and other Allergies. WashTog offers complete deep cleaning solution to not only clean but sterlize the mattress to the deepest pores. We knock your door at your convenient time and sanitize your mattress for you to have a sound and purified sleep.

What is mattress deep cleaning?

Mattress deep cleaning is the process of removing everything unpleasant with the mattress - dust, debris, moulds and dust mites. If you haven't known dust mites are inevitable. They reproduce over time and feed on the cells we shed daily during sleep. While normal vacuum is not sufficient, a complete foam wash or steam sanitizing will do it. It is also impossible to dry the 6/7 inch mattress yourself.

Why should you deep clean your mattress?

Mattress collects dead skin cells however frequent you change the cover. They form invisible layers on and inside the mattress which along with the heat and humidity of our sweat turns into a breading station for dust mites and bacteria. Deep cleaning not only kills the mites but also eradicates the dead cell residues.

These can cause serious issues in any human ranging from morning fatigue to asthma and skin allergies. The mites are not recognizable until they affect you. So, do not take chances, especially with kids and people with respiratory disorders. Clean at least half-yearly if not sooner.

How do the professionals deep clean the mattress?

Mattress's deep cleaning requires multiple levels of cleaning, each step targeting at a different aspect of cleaning.

- Dust and dead cells on the top of mattress - A special high-power dry vacuum is used to clean off the dead cell. You can see the greyish sediments going off and showing the real colour of your mattress.
- Dust Mites and odour - Mites are still in between the mattress layer and causing the pungent odour. The special foamy shampoo is applied and agitated to let the foam reach the inside.
- Then comes the wet vacuuming process to remove the foam and the water. Though this process will take most of the water, the moisture won't be completely gone.
- Sterilizing and sanitizing - the mattress is exposed to a hot steam of 250c which will kill the microbes and get rid of any smell completely.

Now the mattress is ready to go back to the bed and company you for a peaceful sleep without any disturbance.

How to prepare for the mattress deep cleaning day?

From the above process, you must have known the mattress cleaning requires a good amount of time to dry if opted for wet cleaning. It is preferable to set-up wet cleaning schedule for morning. If you do not have a fan inside bedroom, AC needs to be kept on to dry the mattress.

And the timing, it is better off to schedule the mattress cleaning at least 3-5 hours before you need it. Morning appointments are even better for wet cleaning as you can dry the mattress to ensure complete dryness by noon.

If you are planning on a weekend, book with us well in advance before the slots get full.

What all is used for Mattress Cleaning?

- Foam Generator Machine, Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Steam Machine and UV Sterilization MAchine.

- Anti-Allergen Shampoo and Medium Hard Foaming Brush.

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What Our Customers Say

Pratap Singh

Well done. I got their reference from my neighbour and they did a great job. I'll also recommend them.

Alex Messel

Neatly done! My first interaction with the cleaners wasn't good as their kit was leaking and smelling bad. However, as they started with my bedroom, each and every space was made hygienically cleaned. They take almost one complete day for cleaning 3 bedroom apartment.

Praveen Upadhaya

I called them for mattress cleaning where they came with a karcher upholstery machine and some echo chemical which was canadian brand. Good quality cleaning and trained staff. Improvement can be if team keeps ID card, my wife feels more secure. Rest all good. Best of luck


Great service. I ordered sofa cleaning and carpet cleaning. They removed all stains and made it look good. Thanks to umesh

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cleaning mattress from both sides or just one side?

We do deep vacuuming, steam and UV treatment from both sides. However, shampooing is done only on one side to make it dry fast and avoid moisture smell.

Should I take wet cleaning service in evening?

If you're going to use mattress on the same night of cleaning, wet cleaning is not suggested as it takes 3-5 hours for complete drying. Using mattress with even a little moisture can cause unpleasant smell.

Do you provide services in the outskirts of Hyderabad?

Yes, however it purely depends on the type and scope of work. You can place a booking and our team can contact you within a moment and try to accomodate your booking.

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