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Witnessed dirt on your Fabic / Leather Sofa? Our Cleaning process makes Sofa Upholstery fresh and hygienically clean. Our cleaning process ensure that we clean, disinfect and sanitize every nook and corner of sofa with multiple machines and special organic cleaning agents that are specific to each fabric and its texture. Our trained and background verified professionals take utmost care of your upholstery and WashTog also offers protection against damages upto INR 10,000.

Witnessed dirt on your Fabic / Leather Sofa? Our Cleaning process makes Sofa Upholstery fresh and hygienically clean. Our cleaning process ensure that we clean, disinfect and sanitize every nook and corner of sofa.

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Sofa Deep Cleaning in Hyderabad

Wondered why your sofa stinks? Worried why your sofa doesn’t look or feel the same as new? It is probably unclean. And no, your normal vacuuming and wiping are not enough to keep your sofa clean forever.

You need help from the professionals. WashTog Sofa Deep Cleaning service offers great value for a price that is comparatively low in market standards. We clean any king of sofa upholstery – fabric, leather, a mix of leather and fabric; no problem.

Don’t worry about using bleach and washing the beautiful colour of the sofa. We use professional cleaning chemicals that only kills germs and odour, not the colours.

How does Sofa deep cleaning help to restore your sofa as new?

Maintaining the sofa clean as new is as difficult as finding a quality sofa. Do not misjudge sofa cleaning as an easy task. The regular vacuum and wipes are not going to help much. The sofa’s particularly the upholstery will start to show its age with time. Particularly at the corners and where your hand rests. And the odour that arises if not deep cleaned. All of it can be taken care of with sofa deep cleaning.

What is sofa deep cleaning and why do you need it?

Sofa deep cleaning is the process of cleaning the upholstery with the utmost care and foam cleaning the insides. This deeper cleaning technique will remove the inlying dirt debris, stain and odour. Further leather upholstery is treated differently and given an additional polish at the finish to restore the looks.

How do experts clean the sofa?

The cleaning process is fairly simple with the advanced cleaning chemicals Washtog has.

• First, the sofa is dry vacuumed to remove the dust. • Then the shampoo is applied and a sofa scrubber is used to foam the whole and wash it thoroughly. A wet vacuum will follow the process removing all the water content. This process is not done for leather sofas as the foam does not reach the cushion layer. • Then special stain removal solution, depending on the upholstery material is applied and mildly scrubbed. The vacuum is used to dry it out instantly. • On top of this leather upholstery gets a special polish treatment to retain the tan and gloss of leather.

How to maintain your sofa for a long life?

We do not recommend adding an additional layer of plastic or cloth over the sofa. Because it just covers the beauty and texture of the upholstery and adds to the complication of the cleaning process.

Instead, take instant care when you encounter spills or stains due to any other reason. Do not use water or shampoo. Just wipe it off with a tissue paper first. Then try vacuuming to get the remains out.

And don’t forget to book for Washtog Sofa deep cleaning service once in three months. Delaying might cause degrading of the upholstery, especially leather. If not polished and preserved properly might wear out.

What all is used for Sofa Cleaning?

- Foam Generator Machine, Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Steam Machine.

- Anti-Allergen Shampoo and Medium Hard Foaming Brush.

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What Our Customers Say

Smruthi Ram

The service is really good and I would recommend them to others. Only one thing I felt can be improved is how they handle the trash collected while doing the deep cleaning.

Swati Varma

1. The team of srinivas is super fast as they did my 2bhk in 3 hour. 2. You people are polite. Feedback: Have a uniform so they look professional, start job in early hours and don't be late, provide a bill everytime without me asking.

Srinivas P

I was out for 8 months and the dust accumulated was tough to clean. Washtog team arrived on-time and did a thorough job making the place spick n span. This is my secong time and I'll continue to take their services.

Anuradha Tali

Professional staff who knows who to optimise cleaning. Best part is they use sticky notes for places which require special treatment. I'm satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also provide Dining Chairs Cleaning Services?

Yes, we do have dining chairs cleaning services which we offer as an add-on service.

Do you also treat stains on sofa

Yes, we have special chemicals to treat stains and we put our best efforts. However, some stains are old and penetrate deep inside the fabric and those can't be removed.

Do you provide services in the outskirts of Hyderabad?

Yes, however it purely depends on the type and scope of work. You can place a booking and our team can contact you within a moment and try to accomodate your booking.

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