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Often our attempts to clean soft toys in washing machine end up shedding the fur or wearing out the colors. Washtog has a special Soft toy deep cleaning service for you, teddy lovers. Soft toy deep cleaning is one of WashTog's unique services where we use Shampoo and Steam to nicely get rid of all the dust. We have wet cleaning services wherein we pickup the soft toys and process them at our exlusive facility.

Often our attempts to clean soft toys in washing machine end up shedding the fur or wearing out the colors. Washtog has a special Soft toy deep cleaning service for you, teddy lovers.

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Soft Toys Cleaning in Hyderabad

Who doesn’t like soft toys? The soft, cute-looking, cozy to cuddle teddys and pandas are people favorite of all ages. To clean them is a mess. Often our attempts end up shedding the fur or wearing out the colors. Washtog has a special Soft toy deep cleaning service for you, teddy lovers.

Call us and we will bath your pandas and teddys. We offer a variety of dry cleaning and home cleaning services in Hyderabad. Soft toy deep cleaning is one of our unique services. Book an appointment for door-step soft toy cleaning or send them in for dry-cleaning.

How to clean your soft toys safely?

Right from infancy soft toys have been a special attraction to every one of us. often it is the gift of choice irrespective of the occasion. With a lot of teddies in your home, have you ever wondered how to clean them properly? Cleaning without causing any aesthetic damage to the cute softies is a task. A task WashTog will do for you with perfection.

What is soft toy deep cleaning and why is it required?

Soft toys that you cuddle with and decorate your shelves too need cleaning. Soft toys deep cleaning is the process of removing the dirt, stain and odour by experts.

Soft toys as you know go through a lot of abuse when used. If not used, collects dust over time. unlike other home cleaning required departments, soft toys are delicate. Expert cleaners either dry clean or foam wash the soft toys depending on various factors to make sure all the bad smell, stain and foul smell is gone.

How to clean a soft toy?

The furry soft toys with their packed cushions can not take the beating of a regular washing machine. But simply rinsing it in water is also not enough to get the dirt and odour out of it. It is better to dry clean your soft toys.

You can send in soft toys for dry cleaning with special instructions. Or if there is a special dry-cleaning service for soft toy cleaning like WashTog has. That is even better.

Washtog has other options too. You can invite us home and get the cleaning done instantly. We clean the soft toys in 3 stages:

• Dry vacuum that removes the dust and dirt on the surface. • Shampooing and using the foam machine to cleanse all the inside layers. Wet vacuum is done to dry the foam and water. • Steaming at 250c to sanitize and deodorize your lovable soft toys.

There will be very less amount of moisture left. You can get your soft toys and cushions completely ready within a few hours if you book for a door-step cleaning process.

How often do soft toys need to be cleaned?

That is totally up to your usage scenario and place of storage. Some get dusty within a month while some others stay new even after 6months of cuddling.

Our recommendation is to have it cleaned whenever you are making big cleaning plans like cleaning the whole house, carpets, etc. The six-month cycle should be up to if there is no child around playing over the teddies daily. With infants around ensure to clean once every two months.

What all is used for Soft Toys Cleaning?

- Foam Generator Machine, Wet Vacuum Cleaner and Steam Machine.

- Anti-Allergen Shampoo and Medium Hard Foaming Brush.

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Sai Chandra

It was good, they were just a click away. Rates were fixed first then work was done. Far better than just dial as I did not get 10-15 calls.

Prachi Biswas

Thank you for taking my last minute request. I booked my flat cleaning from Proclean home services (Somajiguda) and on the day of service nobody turned up. Fortunately, Hardik had a team available and they did a fabulous job and we could perform our house warming next day. I highly recommend them and warn Hyderabad to avoid those fake companies who take booking but can't deliver service.

Sonia Bakshi

Fabulous and dedicated team with lot of patience and energy to do their job!!! Will recommend them to everyone who are looking for hassle free cleaning!!

Harinder Garcha

I had gotten sofa cleaners the day before but most of the stains were made worse by them. Umesh did a great job of cleaning their stains and restoring the sofa cloth to its original colour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also provide cleaning of other toys?

Yes, toys like plastic and others too need cleaning over time and we do that with steam.

Where do you take soft toys for cleaning?

For a wet cleaning, we take soft toys to our cleaning facility at kukatpally where we process using sophisticated cleaning machines.

Do you provide services in the outskirts of Hyderabad?

Yes, however it purely depends on the type and scope of work. You can place a booking and our team can contact you within a moment and try to accomodate your booking.

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